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An island of vast proportions, Greenland is dominated by the world’s second largest icecap. Only a narrow coastal fringe of rugged mountains and intensely green valleys, remain ice free allowing a small and resilient community to live at the edge of the habitable world.

Guided Round trips - This is truly an ‘all inclusive’ trip – both in terms of geographical reach and value for money. A multitude of trips are included and your tour guide will happily share his knowledge about Greenland throughout the whole trip. Pack your bags and expect to return back home with a new set of memories and great experiences for a life time.
Individual Trips - In the program of this tour you will truly experience the whole width of Greenland. Although all three cities are on the agenda of this tour, plenty of time is allowed for to experience the life of Greenland in a leisurely pace. Decide for yourself if you prefer to spend the day by yourself or add an excursion package to the biggest sights to your trip.
Dog Sledge Trips - This trip includes a rich variety of trips which give you plenty of opportunities to encounter the Greenlandic nature and culture with exciting activities. These are more or less physical activities, where everybody can participate. A local tour guide will be available during the whole trip, so you may also form your own trip.
Northern Lights Trips - The itinerary of this trip includes a set of tours which take you to the most popular sights around Kangerlussuaq. Everybody can participate in the given activities. If you travel in October or November, you may get lucky to see the Northern Lights.
Ice Camping Adventure - The idea of this trip is to let you experience the Ice Cap up close but it also gives you the chance to explore Kangerlussuaq and its surrounding.
Greenland Nature Adventure - For adventure travelers looking for the ultimate Arctic experience, this is it. You can now experience the raw natural beauty of Greenland in complete comfort, while still wholly immersed in some of the most remote wilderness areas on Earth.
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